Student Council

To protect the common rights and interests of students and alumni of the National Academy of Art pursuant to the Higher Education Act.
The Student Council (SC) is organised and operates on the principles of academic freedom and self-governance.The SC members have a 2-year mandate and are representatives in the General Assembly of the Academy. 
Main roles
Representation of the students before the management of the National Academy of Art and before external institutions
Facilitation of good communication not only between the students, lecturers and management of the Academy, but also with other institutions closely related to SC activities.
Main objectives of SC managing body
1. To support the learning process and student programmes
2. To organise effective and transparent functioning of the Student Council
3. To develop, stimulate and provide information to the student community
Deputy Chairperson for Educational Activities
Deputy Chairperson for Social and Living Standards
Deputy Chairperson for Student Issues at National Academy of Art -- Burgas Branch
OTHER members
Public Relations
Public Relations -- deputy
9 full members (Sofia) and 2 associated members (Burgas)
For contacts with SC
SC permanent subsidiary bodies
Committee on Educational Activities (CEA) -- discusses issues related to the learning process and curricula
Committee on Social and Living Standards (CSLS) -- deals with issues related to the student dormitory; participates in scholarship campaigns
Committee on Student Issues at the branch of the National Academy of Art in Burgas (CSI, National Academy of Art -- Burgas Branch) -- established to ptovide information to students and discuss issues of the learning process at National Academy of Art -- Burgas Branch.