All’s Well That Starts Well


Exhibition of Students and Lecturers from the National Academy of Art at City Art Gallery – Varna
12 June to 3 July 2014
Curator – Svilen Stefanov
The exhibition All's Well That Starts Well is part of a partnership program between the National Academy of Art and Societe Generale Express Bank.
The exhibition All's Well That Starts Well in Varna City Gallery includes works by students and lecturers from departments and specialties of the Academy, Painting, Sculpture, Graphics, Poster and Visual Communication, Photography,  Digital Arts, Woodcarving, Ceramics, Textiles – Art and Design, Metal, Porcelain and Glass Design. Some of the specialties as Mural Painting, Book and Printed Graphics, Scenography, Industrial Design, Design in Advertising , Design of Children's Environment, Fashion and Restoration (related to design or other characteristic peculiarities) are presented through video presentation. What unites this multilayered ​​and multi-faceted exhibition is the modern way of thinking and its presence in the art world. Whether it comes to painting, textile and digital arts, what is always present is the sense of professional knowledge of the matter, mostly supported by multi-conceptual thinking. This is the purpose of teachers – materials and forms to get new dimensions in line with modern thinking in a rapidly changing world.
Press Conference – June 12 (Thursday), 12:00
 June 12 (Thursday), 18:00
City Art Gallery 
1 L.Karavelov Str.