Conversations with Kazushi, an online lecture


The Porcelain and Glass Design team launches the broadcasting of online lectures of contemporary arstists working in the field of glass art and engaged in research on modern trends of art glass. The aim of the specialised lectures is to analyse the richness of creative expressions and possibilities - from applied-decorative to modern conceptual approaches to creative expression.
Join in for Conversations with Kazushi
Online lecture of Kazushi Nakada and discussion with Porcelain and Glass Design students and lecturers 
26 January 2021 (Tuesday), 11:00am
Due to a technical issue with the YouTube channel of the Academy we have changed the media. Apologies for the inconvenience and informing you at a short notice! 
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Language: English
Kazushi Nakada is an artist from a Japanese family of ceramic artists. He has lived and worked in Europe for more than 23 years. Works of his art have been shown in Europe, Asia and the United States. He has also taught as a lecturer and professor at several universities in Europe.

In his work, Kazushi Nakada uses various media such as glass, ceramics, video and performance, and focuses on critical events in various communities around the world, and for that reason he constantly travels.

His recent projects - My Archeology and Pink Copycat Project (P.C.P.), have been shown in Asia and Europe. The presentation of P.C.P. in 2019 in Shanghai was sponsored by Ricoh China Ltd. and Hobby Max Ltd. His traveling exhibition "My Archeology" started in 2020.

Currently, Kazushi's solo exhibition "My Archeology" is presented at the Art Front Gallery Contemporary Modern in Tokyo and will run until 28 March 2021.
When we study art and design, you will go through all kinds of necessary subjects such as creating concept, comprehending materials and mastering techniques. However, in a process of art, still there is something which can not be verbalised ...
When I look back my work, a theme was always associated to people or society. It was very personal and abstract; on the other hand, it was political and clear sometime. But how were my thoughts from a notebook transferred into 3-dimensional art pieces? In this lecture, I would like to introduce where my idea comes from and how it was developed. 

Kazushi Nakada 中田一志