Live webinar with Aline Deschamps on Canon Student Development Programme 2024 for aspiring photographers


29 February 2024, 7:00 pm
MS TEAMS webinar link
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Together with Canon Ambassador Aline Deschamps, this webinar will offer insight into how students can develop a strong portfolio with a particular focus on story telling through documentary photography. Through her own socially engaged projects, Aline will provide insights into storytelling through photography, professional development and how students can develop a strong portfolio.
Aline Deschamps is a French-Thai photographer whose work mainly focuses on issues relating to identity, including gender, migration, exile and cultural heritage. Using creative digital techniques, she challenges established perceptions and encourages us to see familiar subjects in new ways. 
Aline has collaborated with some of the most distinguished media outlets in the world (including The New York Times, the BBC, AJ+, Libération, Al Jazeera, British Journal of Photography, Le Temps among others) and was the laureate of the UPP x Picto Prize and of the Grant SCAM Brouillon d'un rêve 2021. Before becoming Canon Ambassador, Aline was a participant in the Canon Student Development Programme.