NAA Participated in the Via Pontica Festival in Balchik


The National Academy of Art participates in the student exhibitions in the festival of youth art Via Pontica - Balchik, which this year takes place from 9 to 18 September, 2014.
Participants are from Painting, Scenography and Poster and Visual Communication of the Academy.
Painting and Illustration
11 to 18 September, 2014
Art Gallery, Balchik
Authors: Nevena Georgieva, Harita Asumani, Gergana Dimitrova, Maria Nesheva – students majoring in Scenography, headed by Associate Professor Manya Vaptsarova; Lora Nikolova  from Painting; Marusya Meglich, Annamarie Hrup, Theia Vuchko – students from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design – University of Ljubljana; Alvar Devesa –  student of Graduate School of Arts of Asturias – ESAPA and Enrique Gutierrez – student from the School of Arts №10 – Madrid.
The exhibition presents works resulting from their picturesque searches in oil, acrylic and collage technique aimed at achieving harmony and solve complex compositional problems. Some of them are closely related to the educational process and are among the best examples of free interpretation of specific learning tasks. Others are the result of the free creative imagination and express personal preferences of the authors on different aspects of reality, transformed into a landscape, still life, figuration, abstraction … Significant place in the works is given to human presence, from classic portraits to faces and figures woven in a complex game with a translucent space, gravitating between interior and exterior.
Poster and Visual Communication
12 to 18 September 2014
CC the Palace – Stone Hall
Authors: Zdravka Budinova, Dimcho Stanev, Poliksena Stamatova, Plamena Donchev, Krikor Papazyan, Yana Aneva, Yana Popova and Angelina Konzova – students from NAA, Poster and Visual Communication and Poster Master Program, leaders of the courses are Prof. Dr. Ivan Gazdov, Prof. Georgi Yankov and Prof. Dr. Nikolay Mladenov.
Complete or parts of a series of posters of some of the graduates in the last three years are presented from the Poster and Visual Communication and Poster Master program of the National Academy of Art.