NTERLOCUTION Printmaking in Central and Eastern Europe



Printmaking in Central and Eastern Europe


28 December 2020 – 18 February 2021

In the six-year history since its foundation, for its activity of promoting, supporting and collecting first-rate graphic art the China Printmaking Museum has established itself as a platform with no analogue in the world; and as a bond between the past and the future.

The current exhibition is yet another opportunity - beyond the Guanlan International Printmaking Biennial, which has established itself as a number one venue, and the activity related to the Guanlan Printmaking Base – for yet another look, as familiar as different, at printmaking in Central and Eastern Europe – pursuits, achievements and contributions. With the support of the Management of China Printmaking Museum and of Mr Li Kang a selection of 20 artists and 71 works of art has been presented.

With the kind support of Epreuve d’Artiste Gallery Antwerp – Ms Chris Verheyen and Dr Jaques Mortelmans

Veliko Marinchevsky, Curator

INTERLOCUTION Printmaking in Central and Eastern Europe is the third project implemented jointly with the Museum. The beginning was set with a solo exhibition of Veliko Marinchevsky in 2017; the second project was “Contemporary Bulgarian Graphic Art" – the exhibition he curated in 2018.


Elitsa Terzieva, Curator

The mighty artistic presence of signature representatives of the leading printmaking schools in Central and Eastern Europe is being unfolded in the emblematic spaces of the China Printmaking Museum.

The masters of European printmaking embark upon the spiritual space of China implementing contiguity with a tradition which draws its vitality both from its millennial accumulation and its ability for a profound perusal of the aesthetic achievements realised in other geographical areas. The echo of the particular attractive force exercised upon Western artists in the 20th century by the cultural foundation and philosophic thought of the East resonates in the entire pattern of the collection. The current initiative is a significant stroke in the process of intense exchange based on the proactive cultural strategy of China in the last few decades.

The exposition includes works by some of the most prominent representatives of the German, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Serbian and Bulgarian schools which have left their bright imprint in European printmaking in the second half of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century. Via resorting to intercourse with the works, the viewer senses the distinct tangibility of being and at the same time eclipses in a trajectory transcending the boundaries between the material and the immaterial, the individual and the global.

The artistic quest unfolds in a rich spectrum from the exquisite laconicism of the plastic synthesis dominated by the image – sign to the intricately structured metaphoric figurativeness saturated with multi-layered semantic codes. The suggestions presented indirectly resonate with tangible distinctiveness in the wealth of plastic techniques used by the authors.

The selection of authors in the current exhibition is not the result of a quest for thoroughness but rather an attempt to present the richest possible spectrum of points of view illustrating the main trends in the development of this art in the last five decades. A significant stroke in this entire concept is the inclusion of individual authors from Armenia and Kosovo who emphasise with their presence the active artistic exchange which makes them party to the dynamics of the artistic processes in the geographic area under review.

The authors have given life to works which are contemporary in their plastic appearance but exist beyond time in their absolute dimensions. The precision and perfectly mastered plastic syntax and uplifted artistic dialogue among the authors stand out clearly.

English translation: Niya Ribarova