Print PreView / ПреГлед на печата | Exhibition of Kapka Kaneva, Atelier Gallery at National Academy of Art – Burgas Branch


15 February – 10 March 2024
Opening: 15 February 2024, 5:30 pm
Atelier Gallery, Burgas Branch, Magazia 1, Burgas Port Complex
Atelier Gallery at the Branch in the city of Burgas will transform into a kind of book fair. Kapka Kaneva will present her Print PreView / ПреГлед на печата to the students at the Branch, Burgas citizens and visitors.
The exhibition includes a comprehensive selection of works intended for the book market. What is unifying visually – book covers and illustrations for printed publications – is the artist's characteristic use of plastic objects made of paper and cardboard.
The play-on-words in the exhibition title is a wink at the possible interpetations of Kaneva's works. On the one hand, in the prepress workflow, through the intervention of lighting and perspective in photographic reproduction, paper objects (paper sculptures) have the potential to give rise to a large number of disparate, almost simultaneously existing visualities. On the other hand, the illustration for the cover of a printed edition is in itself a "preliminary" image, a primary interpretation, a visual summary of content which the reader has yet to become familiar with.
Kapka Kaneva (b. 1978, Sofia) works in the field of paper sculpture, illustration and book design. She explores the possibilities of the children's spatial book to generate interest and attitude towards reading. She is graduate of and associate professor in the Department of Book, Illustration, Printed Graphics at the National Academy of Art. In recent years, she has been experimenting with the pictorial potential of light in a series of large-format art books, metal installations, which she defines as "shadow spaces". Among the publishing houses she works for are List, Krag, Panorama, Kolibri, Jeanette 45, Small Stations Press, Oxford University Press, Madrid, etc. 
Kapka Kaneva is the author of the study "The Game as a Book" (Panorama Publishing House, 2014). She published her catalogue "From Paper: Pictorial Possibilities of the Plastic Paper Object in Book Illustration and Design" in 2022. 
Member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists
Some of the awards Kapka Kaneva has won:
Award for high creative achievements of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria (2014)
Award for Bulgarian artist from the Eighth and Tenth International Stage Poster Triennial – Sofia (2016; 2022)
Award for photo illustration from the international BookILL Fest (Novo Miloshevo, 2018 )
Prize for Best Children's Book from the international competition Image of the Book (Moscow, 2019)
Golden Brush Award for outstanding achievements in the artistic layout of book from Plovdiv Chete /Plovdiv  Reads Festival (2021)
Nomination for ALMA – Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award for illustration in 2021 and 2022