Prof. Georgi Iankov has been re-elected for a second term as Rector of the National Academy of Art!


On January 16th 2024, a General Assembly meeting of the National Academy of Art was held to elect a rector and members of the Academic Council. The Rector of the Academy, Prof. Georgi Iankov, presented to the General Assembly members the report of the Academy's Management body for the term 2020–2024. The report was unanimously accepted by the attending members.
The candidate for the rector's position, Prof. Georgi Iankov, who had been nominated by the Department of Poster and Visual Communication, presented his platform and vision about the management of the Academy for the term 2024–2028, ending his presentation with: We are all proud of the Academy's rich history. What will be written in the following 4 years depends solely on us, because WE ARE THE ACADEMY!
After the secret ballot, with unprecedented support from the members of the General Assembly, Prof. Georgi Iankov was re-elected Rector of the National Academy of Art.
Georgi Georgiev Iankov (b. 1 January 1964, Sofia, Bulgaria) completed his secondary education at the Secondary School of Applied Arts in Sofia (at present St Luke National High School for Applied Arts). In 1990, he graduated from the National Academy of Art with a degree in Poster. Since 1995, he has been teaching Poster (as a curriculum discipline) at the National Academy of Art, in the Department of Poster and Visual Communication. Also, Prof. Iankov has initiated the establishment of Academy's Branch in the city of Burgas, and acted as its first Director.