Summer Academy with an Exhibition in Wittgenstein House – Vienna


Summer Academy, hosted by the Wittgenstein House is an educational and creative residence for students of the NAA, graduated Bachelor in this school year. It includes a workshop and an exhibition of some of their diploma works. During their creative stay students visit museums, galleries, art academies and cultural attractions. Project Manager for 2014 is Prof. Maya Bogdanova.
The theme this year is Borders. Each participant will present in their own way the concept of borders, realize their works through various imaging techniques and materials -wood, natural materials, wool layer, transparencies and others. 
The exhibition, the result of educational and creative residence of students, will open on 11 September at 7 pm, Wittgenstein House and will continue until October 7, 2014.
Participants in the Summer Academy Wittgenstein House - Vienna 2014 are:
Gabriela Krumova Petrova – Painting;
Mila Chavdarova Yaneva – Book and Printed Graphics;
Karina Kostadinova Talpova – Poster and Visual Communication;
Georgi Vaskov Dzhandzhov – Woodcarving;
Anna Dimitrova Apostolova – Scenography;
Stela Ivanova Gecheva – Textiles - Art and Design;
Maria Georgieva Tsakova - Advertising Design;
Elena Asenova Zlateva – Fashion.
The project is implemented jointly with the Bulgarian Cultural Institute Wittgenstein House in Vienna with the support of Societe Generale Expressbank.