The Town of Ahtopol with New Coat of Arms


On June 6, at the official session of the Municipal Council of Tsarevo, was voted the new coat of arms of the town of Ahtopol. Maria Tsakova from Design of Advertising is the author of the project which won the competition for coat of arms among students majoring in Book and Printed Graphics, Poster and Visual Communication and Design of Advertising. Second and third prize were awarded to Karina Talpova and Marietta Pavlova from Poster and Visual Communication.
The competition for the coat of arms was held on the initiative of the Town Hall of Ahtopol and with the assistance of the National Academy of Art. Students worked under the guidance of the lecturers Prof. Kiril Gogov, Stoyan Dechev and Svetlin Balezdrov.
The Municipal Council of Tsarevo voted the new coat of arms the day before the celebration of the town’s day. The meeting attended the President of the nine-member jury from the Academy, Prof. Dr. Nikolay Mladenov.