Specialities and Programmes

The academic research units in the two departments are relevant departments that are responsible for the development and implementation of educational programmes for acquiring higher education from the professional trend “Fine Art” for Bachelor's degree and Master's degree, and an educational and scientific degree “Doctor.” In all specialties except the main artistic disciplines that form the professional training of students there are included painting, art history, aesthetics, philosophy, plastic anatomy, perspective, etc. All students have the right to be educated together with a chosen by them specialty in a second specialty “Theory and Practice of Art Education”. This allows them to receive professional training for practicing as art teachers in the secondary general educational and specialized art schools. Members of the department “Drawing”, “History of Art” and “Psychology of Art, Art Education and General Education Subjects” carry out the education in these disciplines.  The period for completion of the “Bachelor” degree in the NAA is a period of four academic years, “Master” degree includes 1, 1,5 or 2 academic years. The subject “Restoration” offers only a Master's degree programme taking five years of training. The educational and scientific degree “Doctor” takes three years after completion of Master's degree. Today the  educates nearly 1,000 local and foreign students and PhD.