Information for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

The academic year at the Academy consists of a winter and a summer semester, with two respective examination sessions. The winter semester starts in October and ends in January; the summer semester starts in February and ends in May. The examination sessions fall approximately in the first half of February and throughout June; the supplementary examination sessions are in February and September.
The duration of the bachelor programme at the National Academy of Art is four academic years, while the master programmes take one and a half academic years (with the exception of the "Digital Arts'' (2 year) and “Restoration” major which is only offered as a master programme, as already noted).
Teaching at the Academy is done according to subjects, while each subject’s credits are measured in certain number of hours per semester of academic year. The courses in different subjects end with exams that are graded according to the six-point grading system. The professional tasks, the conferences, the final papers, the diploma works and projects are an important component of the educational process, together with the theoretical examinations.