Guest from Togliatti


Prof. Tatiana Belko, Head of Department Design and Product Design from Volga Region State University of Service, Togliatti, Russia, was a guest of National Academy of Art in the period June 13 to 18, 2014, under the recently signed bilateral agreement.
During her visit, Prof. Belko took part in the annual Diploma project defenses of departments Design in Advertising and Poster and Visual Communication and show of specialty Fashion (Diploma), which took place in the space of the Academia gallery.
Professor Belko was acquainted in detail with the conditions of learning and creativity in NAA. A meeting was held with the rector of the academy, Prof. Svetoslav Kokalov and Prof. Mitko Dinev, head of international activities. Talks were conducted on further cooperation between the two institutions, and future ways to cooperation were outlined. Prof. Belko gave a short lecture, which familiarize students from the concerned departments with the history and the conditions of competition for young designers "ARBUZ" organized by VRSUS  so far nationwide, and now, after the inclusion of NAA in its organization – acquiring international status. Outside her academic responsibilities, Professor Belko, visiting our country for the first time, had the chance besides Sofia sights to visit such iconic destinations as Rila Monastery and the Boyana Church. She was deeply impressed by the culture and history of Bulgaria and expressed her overwhelming satisfaction with her stay here. Visiting our country, as a representative of Togliatti University, provides assurance to continue the successful development of the creative relationship between the two schools in the future.