NAA with a Strong Presence at the National Autumn Exhibitions – Plovdiv 2014


Alumni of the National Academy of Art participate in the National Autumn Exhibitions in Plovdiv.
The curatorial project Removed Systems belongs to the art critic Associate Professor Dr. Galina Lardeva and includes exhibitions of eight selected Bulgarian authors, seven of which are of the National Academy.
Desislava Kostadinova, graduated NAA, Painting;
Desislava Unger, graduated NAA, Painting;
Elena Yanevska, graduated NAA, Sculpture;
Emil Bachiyski - Associate Professor in the Department of Metal of NAA;
Konstantin Kostov, PhD student NAA, Painting;
Petar Minchev - graduated from the University of British Columbia;
Simeon Simeonov, Ch. Asst. Prof. at the Drawing Department, NAA;
Philip Popov - graduated ";Illustration and Artistic Arrangement of the Book, NAA.
The National Autumn Exhibitions - Plovdiv 2014 (September 1 to September 30) is an annual national festival of contemporary Bulgarian art, which is held in various locations in Old Town and launches the Autumn Salon of Arts Plovdiv 2014. In the deep hall of the Balabanov House, you can see a selection of paintings of Konstantin Kostov, prepared specially for curatorial project. The Arched hall of Balabanov House is hosting graphic drawings and engravings by Desislava Unger and Petar Minchev is presented in the yard. The Hyndlian house accommodates three authors - Desislava Marinova - Painting (porch), sculptures of Emil Bachiyski, positioned in the yard and Philip Popov in the cellar. The Mexican Art House presents Elena Yanevska in the yard with her series of sculptures and photographs and sculptures of Simeon Simeonov are in the basement. The main objective of the event is to present the best of contemporary trends in painting, graphics and sculpture as various exhibitions remain independent and at the same time are subject to the overall concept.
The exhibitions were opened on September 1, 2014 and presented by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Galina Lardeva, Prof. Andrei Daniel and Deputy Mayor of the city of Plovdiv on Cultural Affairs, Stefan Stoyanov.
The curatorial project is part of the Festival Night of Museums and Galleries in Plovdiv and will be open until 1:00 am, on 12 and 13 September.